Fitness isn't a destination, it's a journey!


On land and sea -- aerobics in the gym and aerobics in the water, Beth Is The Best.  She has kept me  motivated, focused,  and in good shape for the past 20 odd years. In our relationship, I can definitely  say, I have come out the winner. 
 - Henrie Moise

I love Beth…she is understanding and motivating at the same time.  Beth has been my trainer for over 12 years; she has helped me workout indoors, outside, and at a private gym.  She is punctual and open to using different kinds of equipment.  She knows when to push and when to back off.  I know I would look different if she was not part of my life.  I train 3x a week when I can.
BCSmith Chicago

Beth's ability to keep my workouts fun, but challenging is what keeps me motivated to continue! 

I have taken several classes from "Trainerbethj"  during the past five years.  Beth makes exercising fun
and rewarding. She has the ability to customize her workouts to any fitness level.  The Boot Camps are a blast.  After working with Beth this summer I felt better, looked better and could and do things I couldn't do before like jumping through hoops on one leg! 
- Paul B. 

Beth is energetic and responsible and has been a significant asset in helping me move toward my fitness goals. She has provided varied workouts and is knowledgeable regarding the rationale behind all of the exercises she has planned.  I have also been impressed by her dedication to coordinating efforts toward breast cancer awareness and her volunteer work organizing events for City of Hope.  I highly recommend her.
-Jill Senner

 I've been in Beths' Boot Camp at MGPD for all of 3 months now.  Beth makes exercise challenging and fun. There is always a new exercise to try to keep us on our toes.  Beth has an exercise for every muscle (and then some).   Only regret is not starting BC sooner.  I really think this will keep this old body going for a few more years.  Actually look forward to the class as Beth is a real pro!
- Jerry B.

 "Beth is an incredibly attentive and engaging trainer - making the most out of every session in a tailored and creative way. She knows what my fitness goals are and makes sure that in each session - and through encouragement of activities on my own in between - I am making progress.  She always starts the sessions wanting to know how my body is feeling after the last session - willing to modify or tailor activities as needed.  If I have a pain or stiffness she is so good and has such a deep understanding of the physiology of movement she will immediately tailor the hour to work with or around a given muscle group to provide lasting relief.  A few years ago I had shoulder pain attributable to a little arthritis - my doctor told me to build up muscles around that joint.  Beth was able to tailor our routines and after a few months it went away and I have never felt that pain again.  Also I started doing Yoga about a year ago - Beth's workouts are a perfect complement to the core work necessary for the asanas I work on.  She is willing to adapt her approach to work with my lifestyle - allowing me to be strong in both my workouts and yoga practice.  She is always prompt and has been incredibly flexible with my hectic travel schedule.  I'll never forget traveling to Beijing and needing to figure out how to make the most out of the hotel exercise equipment and a limited amount of time I had - sent her an email describing the equipment and she came back quickly with a well thought out, efficient routine tailored to my body.  Beth has done so much to make me live a wellness lifestyle and feel good about myself every day!  D.Mac.  "